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liv miami cover charge entry fee

Liv Nightclub Miami Cover Charge | Entry Fee

Liv Cover Charge | Entry Fee

The Liv nightclub Miami cover charge or entry fee varies depending on the night and the club event. The cover charge is normally around $60.00 to $80.00 but varies widely, Liv nightclub entry fees can go as high as $100.00 or more for special event headline DJs and celebrity performers.

Liv nightclub party packages include the Liv cover charge and you can avoid the huge lines at the door. Liv nightclub is one of Miami Beaches most in demand nightclubs and is open Thursday through Sunday nights.

Liv nightclub


Liv Nightclub Party Package

Our best deal  is the Liv Nightclub Party Package which includes a two hour open bar at a trendy lounge, limo or party bus transport to the club and hosted no wait nightclub entry to the nightclub. The club admission is included in the package price.

Ticket prices can change depending on the nightclub event. The Liv nightclub party package is the way to go to avoid the huge crowds and long lines and the door. There are many great benefits to the Miami nightclub party packages. and our new Miami nightclub on a yacht boat party.

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Special Event Prices

If you are coming to South Beach on a special event weeks like the Miami Winter Music Conference the cover charges will be much higher than normal due to all the headline DJs like Alesso, David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and many others. Every Memorial Day Weekend South Beach has the Urban Beach Week Hip Hop festival and the cover charges average $100 or more per person.

Bottle Service

South Beach night club cover charges can be avoided if you reserve nightclub VIP table bottle service with our South Beach VIP services we will get you a nightclub bottle service quote which will depend on your groups size the nightclub event and date you are attending.  All clubs have a minimum spend which is the amount you will have to spend on bottles to have a VIP table at the club. If you decide to do nightclub VIP table service option we will reserve your table and get you and your group into the club without a cover charge and you will not have to wait in line. Contact VIP South Beach for a bottle service quote Ph/Text 305 804 5071 or [email protected]

Bar Entry Fees

Some small bars in Miami Beach may not have a cover charge or they will start a cover later at night normally around 10 or 11:00pm.  Most of these bars are located on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. So if you do not want to have to deal with big cover charges or really hard to get into nightclubs you can spend your nights in the Ocean Drive nightlife.

Nightclub Guest Lists

The best South Beach Miami nightclubs are very hard to get into and the Liv nightclub guest list are reserved for the famous so the doorman are very selective about who they let in. You have to follow the dress codes and look trendy and chic. For groups of guys its not so easy and they really have to make sure they follow the dress codes and even then it can be very tough to get into most South Beach clubs without a very good hookup or reserving nightclub bottle service. For many clubs the cover charges can be higher for guys than girls. There are many good reasons that the Miami nightclub package is a great way to go in South Beach nightlife.

David Guetta @ LIV Nightclub, Miami from Chris Sullivan on Vimeo.

 Liv nightclub 4441 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, Florida

Liv Party Packages

Contact VIP South Beach for Liv Party Packages- Call/Text 305 804 5071 Email: [email protected]


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How to Get Into LIV Nightclub Miami


Unveiling the Enigma: How To Get Into LIV Nightclub Miami

LIV Nightclub Miami stands tall as an emblem of opulence and allure, captivating the hearts of party-goers and celebrities alike. Nestled within the iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach, this world-renowned nightlife destination promises unforgettable experiences and an electric atmosphere. However, gaining entry into LIV is no easy feat. In this article, we’ll explore the mystique surrounding LIV Nightclub Miami and discuss the challenges that eager party enthusiasts face when attempting to grace its hallowed grounds.

 The Allure of LIV Nightclub Miami:

LIV Nightclub Miami embodies the epitome of luxury, entertainment, and exclusivity. With its extravagant decor, state-of-the-art sound system, and a spacious dance floor, LIV has become synonymous with the vibrant Miami nightlife scene. The club attracts A-list celebrities, international DJs, and trendsetters seeking unforgettable moments in an unparalleled ambiance.

The Challenge of Entry:

Strict Door Policy: LIV Nightclub Miami maintains a strict door policy to ensure the exclusivity and safety of its patrons. The nightclub management carefully selects its clientele, favoring those who align with its desired demographic, fashion-forward style, and upscale demeanor. To ensure getting in without being denied at the door make sure to follow the Liv nightclub dress code.

Long Waiting Lines: On any given night, the demand to enter LIV can be overwhelming, resulting in lengthy queues and wait times. Patience is key, as the doormen meticulously control the flow of entry to maintain an optimal atmosphere within the club.

Limited Capacity: LIV’s limited capacity further adds to the challenge. The club prioritizes creating an intimate and comfortable space for its guests. Consequently, gaining entry becomes even more elusive, particularly during peak periods and special events.

Increasing Your Chances:

Dress to Impress: One of the most crucial factors in gaining entry is adhering to the LIV nightclub dress code. Flaunt your fashion sense by opting for upscale, trendy attire that matches the club’s sophisticated vibe. Dress to impress, and you may catch the attention of the discerning doormen.


Liv Nightclub Party Package: Includes a two hour open bar at a trendy lounge, limo/ party bus transfer to the club, hosted no wait express entry. The cover charge is included in the All-Inclusive party package price.

VIP Table Reservations: Consider securing VIP access or reserving a table or bottle service in advance. This option not only guarantees entry but also provides an enhanced experience, priority access, and a dedicated space to enjoy the night in style.

Timing and Off-Peak Nights: Arriving early or choosing off-peak nights can improve your chances of gaining entry. On busy weekends and during special events, the competition is fierce. By planning your visit strategically, you can maximize your opportunity to immerse yourself in the LIV experience.

LIV Nightclub Miami stands as an emblem of exclusivity and luxury, drawing in a glamorous crowd seeking an unforgettable night out. The challenges of gaining entry only add to its allure, creating an aura of mystique around this iconic establishment.


Stringent Door Policy

By understanding the stringent door policy, preparing appropriately, and considering alternative options, you can enhance your chances of securing a coveted spot within LIV’s electrifying ambiance. So, dress to impress, plan strategically, and get ready to experience the unparalleled nightlife that LIV Nightclub Miami has to offer.

Remember, gaining entry into LIV Nightclub Miami may be challenging, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth it. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, dance to the beats of renowned DJs, and rub shoulders with the elite crowd. By following the tips mentioned above and respecting the club’s policies, you can increase your chances of joining the ranks of those fortunate enough to experience the magic of LIV. Make sure you know the Liv nightclub entry fee for the night you want to attend.

So, prepare yourself for an unforgettable night out, put on your finest attire, and embark on a journey into the heart of Miami’s legendary nightlife. Whether you succeed in gaining entry on your first attempt or face a few hurdles along the way, the allure of LIV Nightclub Miami will continue to captivate party enthusiasts and leave an indelible mark on their memories.

Contact VIP South Beach for Liv Nightclub Party Packages or Bottle Service Reservations. Call / Text 305 804 5071 or email [email protected]


Liv Nightclub Bottle Service Reservations


Welcome to Liv Nightclub Table Bottle Service

Are you ready to experience Liv nightclub bottle service reservations at the most luxurious exclusive club in the USA. Liv Miami nightclub offers you an amazing VIP experience, allowing you to enjoy the electrifying atmosphere, dance to the hottest beats, and indulge in a selection of high-quality spirits in the comfort of your own private table. In this detailed web page, we will explore everything you need to know about Liv Miami nightclub table bottle service.

What is Miami Nightclub Table Bottle Service?

Miami is renowned for its world-class nightlife scene, and table bottle service is the epitome of luxury within this realm. When you opt for table bottle service, you and your group will have your own designated area within the nightclub, complete with comfortable seating, ample space to dance, and a dedicated server to cater to your every need. Instead of waiting in long lines or struggling to find a spot on the dance floor, you’ll have a reserved table waiting for you upon arrival.

Selection Of Premium Bottles

The highlight of table bottle service is the selection of premium bottles of alcohol that you can choose from. These bottles are typically high-end spirits such as vodka, tequila, whiskey, rum, and champagne. By purchasing a bottle, you not only gain access to your private table but also enjoy the convenience of having your drinks readily available throughout the night. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions or simply elevate your night out in Miami.


Benefits of Liv Nightclub Table Bottle Service

1. **Exclusivity**:

By reserving a table, you step into a world of exclusivity and luxury. You’ll have access to VIP areas that are off-limits to regular club-goers, providing a more intimate and upscale experience.

2. **Comfort and Space**:

Instead of jostling for space on the crowded dance floor or searching for a place to sit, table bottle service ensures you have a dedicated area with comfortable seating and ample space to move around freely.

3. **Personalized Service**:

With table bottle service, you’ll have a dedicated server who will cater to your group’s needs throughout the night. They will assist with bottle selections, mixers, and ensure that your glasses are always filled.

4. **Avoiding the Crowds**:

One of the biggest advantages of table bottle service is skipping the long lines and gaining express entry into the nightclub. You’ll bypass the general admission queue and head straight to your reserved table.

5. **Status and Prestige**:

Table bottle service lends an air of status and prestige to your night out. It’s a way to see and be seen, allowing you to be part of the elite crowd that frequents Miami’s most exclusive nightclubs.

How to Book Liv Nightclub Table Bottle Service

Booking Miami nightclub table bottle service is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to follow:

1. Check out the Liv Event:

For the night you want to go the the club and make sure its the music genre you prefer.

2. Contact VIP South Beach:

Reach out directly either through phone /text 305 804 5071, or info#vipsouthbeach.com to inquire about table bottle service availability and bottle minimum spends. Provide them with details such as the date, number of girls and guys in your group, and any specific preferences or special requests you may have.

3. **Select a Table Package**:

Most Miami nightclubs offer a variety of table packages based on the girl/guy ratio, size of your group and the location of the table within the club. These packages often come with different bottle options and pricing. Review the available options and choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.

4. **Make a Reservation**:

Once you’ve decided on the nightclub and table package, make a reservation by providing the necessary information requested by the club. This may include your name, contact details, group size, and any special requests or preferences.

5. **Confirm the Details**:

Before finalizing your reservation, double-check all the details with the club to ensure accuracy. Confirm the date, time, table location, bottle selections, and any additional services or add-ons you may have requested.

6. **Arrive and Enjoy**:

On the night of your reservation, arrive at the nightclub at the scheduled time and head to the VIP entrance or check-in area. Present your identification and let the staff know you have a table reservation. They will guide you to your designated table, where your dedicated server will be waiting to assist you throughout the night.

Liv Nightclub South Beach

Tips for an Unforgettable Table Bottle Service Experience

To make the most of your Miami nightclub table bottle service experience, consider the following tips:

1. **Plan in Advance**:

Nightclubs in Miami can get extremely busy, especially during peak seasons or on weekends. To secure the best table and package, it’s advisable to book your reservation well in advance.

2. **Dress to Impress**:

Miami has a reputation for its stylish and glamorous nightlife scene. Make sure to dress appropriately for the club’s dress code, which is usually upscale and fashionable. Check the club’s website or contact them directly to inquire about their specific dress requirements.

3. **Know the Minimum Spend**:

Many nightclubs require a minimum spend for table bottle service. This means you’ll need to spend a certain amount on bottles or other services to secure your table. Be aware of the minimum spend and ensure it aligns with your budget.

4. **Explore Bottle Options**:

Nightclubs typically have an extensive selection of top-shelf spirits available for bottle service. Take the time to explore the options and ask your server for recommendations based on your preferences. They can guide you towards unique and high-quality choices.

5. **Enjoy the Atmosphere**:

While having a private table offers exclusivity, don’t forget to immerse yourself in the overall atmosphere of the club. Take breaks from your table to dance, mingle with other guests, and fully experience the energy and excitement of the Miami nightlife.

6. **Tip Your Server**:

Exceptional service deserves recognition. Show appreciation to your dedicated server by tipping them accordingly. While the exact amount may vary, a standard guideline is to tip around 20% of the total bill.

Elevate Your Nightlife Experience

Miami nightclub table bottle service elevates your nightlife experience to new heights of luxury and exclusivity. It provides you with a private space, personalized service, and access to premium spirits, all while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Miami’s top nightclubs.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an unforgettable night out in Miami. So, gather your friends, choose your favorite club, and get ready to dance the night away in style with Miami nightclub table bottle service. 

Contact VIP South Beach and we will make sure you have all the pricing details for the night you prefer.






We also offer Liv nightclub party packages with a two hour open bar pre party, limo/party bus transportation and express no wait entry. The all inclusive price includes the Liv club cover charge.

We Also Offer The Liv Nightclub Party Package



The Liv Nightclub Party Package,

If you decide not to get bottle service and you would just like to get into the nightclub without the hassle of waiting for the doormen to pick you out of the crowd we have another great option the nightclub package.

  • Liv party package you and your group will have express no wait club entry.
  •  Pre party open bar before you go to Liv at very cool South Beach lounge.
  • Open bar at the pre party lounge will last for two hours and include a limo/party bus transfer from the lounge to Liv nightclub.
  • All-inclusive ticket price includes all the open bar, party bus transfer from the lounge to Liv nightclub and the admission to Liv nightclub with hosted entry no wait entry.
  • Ticket pricing changes weekly depending on the night and the nightclub event. Girls start at $85.00 per girl and guys $100.00 per guy depending on the nightclub event.

Contact VIP South Beach today and let us know which Liv nightclub option you prefer and we will make all you nightclub reservations for your perfect vacation in the South Beach Miami nightlife. 

Liv Nightclub
Address: 4441 Collins Ave
Miami Beach Fl 33141

Check out our new Miami Boat Party Package

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Liv Nightclub Party Package | Tickets


Liv Nightclub Party Package Tickets

Get our Liv nightclub party package tickets as soon as you we have limited availability and they sell out quickly! Our Liv packages has been voted the best party package in South Beach Miami. We offer packages for Liv and many other top South Beach clubs. Getting into Liv or any of the best clubs in South Beach as I am sure you have heard is not easy with long lines and huge crowds waiting at the door.

Perfect Club Package

We have created the perfect Liv nightclub package to make sure you have an amazing time in the South Beach nightlife and do not stand in line or wait in the 20 deep crowds at the door all night hoping to get in. The Liv package has express no wait entry and the all-inclusive package includes the Liv nightclub entry fee.

10 Million Dollar Renovation

Liv nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel has recently had a 10 million dollar renovation and has a whole new look! The sound system is out of this world and club decor super South Beach trendy. Liv nightclub has just reopened and as lines around the Fontainebleau Hotel waiting to get inside the club and check out the new amazing look!


Don’t Spend Your South Beach Nights Waiting In Long Lines!

  • Our Liv Nightclub Party Package
  • Includes the following
  • Two Hour Pre Party at a Trendy Lounge were you will have Unlimited Premium Vodka Bottles & Mixers.
  • After the open bar you will have a one way VIP style Limo/Party Bus Transfer to the club.
  • Hosted Express No Wait Club Entry and the Club Admission Is Included In The All-Inclusive Package Price.
  • **Liv Nightclub Party Package Tickets Price change weekly, *Girls starting* at $95.00/ *Guys starting* at $100.00 depending on the nightclub event. 

Host Walks You In Celebrity Style

Our host will guide you into the club like a celebrity. This package deal is available for Liv nightclub on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays. Ticket prices can change depending on availability and the club event.

 Nightclub Entry | Huge Crowds | Very Long Lines

South Beaches hottest nightclubs have huge crowds and very long lines making it a major challenge to get into the clubs. Our VIP nightclub party package will insure you have the VIP treatment and a amazing time at the best and hardest to get into South Beach clubs. There are many benefits with our South Beach Miami party packages.


Reserve With A Deposit

To reserve our nightclub party package we only require a deposit and you pay the remaining ticket balance at the open bar that night. Contact us today to reserve the party packages can sell out quick. Pricing and availability can change depending on the club and the event.

Contact Us Today: Fill out our Contact Form below or Ph: 305 804 5071/ call, text or Email: [email protected] / miami-nightclub-party-packageWhatsapp text 305 804 50

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We also offer nightclub bottle service reservations if you have the budget for it, with bottle service the nightclub requires you to order a certain number of bottles to have a VIP table. Contact VIP South Beach for more information and reservations.


Liv Nightclub Party Package Available Nights.

*Thursdays, *Fridays *Saturdays

Liv nightclub address: 4441 Collins Ave
Miami Beach Fl

Contact VIP South Beach for reservations, prices and information. Ph: 305 804 5071/ Call, Text or Email: [email protected] / Whatsapp Text 305 804 5071 or Fill out the Contact Form below.

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Liv nightclub Miami

Liv Nightclub Guest List


Liv Nightclub Guest list

Liv Nightclub in Miami is renowned for its extravagant parties and celebrity-filled nights. If you want to experience the ultimate VIP treatment at Liv, getting on the guest list is almost impossible.

Doorman Selection

The Liv nightclub guest list is not available to most club patrons unless you are a celebrity or the owners family or best friend. Unfortunately Liv nightclub guest list is not an option for everyone else due to Liv wants to know who is on there guest lists. Like all South Beach clubs they use doorman selection at the door. The best option for express entry is the Liv party package.

Difficult Door

Liv nightclub has a very tough door and is one of the hardest clubs in Miami Beach to get into without waiting for hours and getting really lucky that the doorman picks you out of the huge crowd. The crowd at the door can be 10 to 15 deep so getting the doorman attention is a challenge.

Groups Of Guys

If have have a big group of guys your chances are really not good at all and you should book the Miami Bachelor Party Package to insure you get in the best clubs in town. If you are a group of beautiful girls you have the best chance but still may wait awhile due to there are plenty of beautiful girl groups to choose from.

The best thing to do is dress to impress girls dress super hot and guys wear nice shoes trendy shirt and have as many girls in your group as possible. We offer amazing bachelorette party packages to Liv nightclub evey week.


Liv Renovation

Liv nightclub Miami has recently gone throught a big renovation and looks amazing, the club is more in demand than ever before. The Liv nightclub cover charge vary depending on the night and event.

Long Lines

So if you want to get into the club without waiting for hours in long lines or huge crowds gathered at the door you best option is nightclub VIP bottle service or the checkout the Liv Nightclub Party Package.

Bottle Service

One option for no wait club entry is Liv bottle service were you will have your own table at the club. The bottle service option can be quite expensive so if you have a decent budget that is a nice way to go.

Party Package

The other option is the nightclub party package were you will be walked right into the club with no waiting at all.  Either option is a way to beat the long wait at the door and make sure you don’t spend your nights in the South Beach nightlife waiting and hoping you get picked to walk through the red rope. All the best Miami nightclubs can be picky at the door, everyone wants to go to the best hard to get into clubs.

Liv is one of those places where everyone that comes to Miami wants to make sure they tell there friends they were atLiv nightclub and didn’t spend there whole night hoping to get in. Especially if you are a big group like a bachelor or bachelorette party getting your group in quickly is not an easy.


Liv Party Package Perks

Perks of the Liv Nightclub Party Package

The Liv Nightclub Party Package comes with several perks that enhance your overall experience:

1. All Inclusive Price Includes The Cover:

2. Expedited Entry:  Attendees have Express Entry, allowing them to bypass the regular very long line.

3. Priority Access: In case of a capacity issue, Party Package attendees are given priority over walk-in guests,

Note: It’s essential to adhere to Liv Nightclub’s dress code and age restrictions even if you’re on the guest list. Make sure to dress stylishly and appropriately for the occasion.

Unforgettable VIP Experience

The Liv Nightclub Package opens the door to an unforgettable VIP experience in Miami’s vibrant nightlife scene. By securing the nightclub package you can enjoy expedited entry. Get ready to party in style and create lasting memories at Liv Nightclub.

Liv nightclub 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach Fl 33140



Liv Nightclub Entry Fee | Club Events


Liv Nightclub Entry Fee | Club Events | A Guide to Miami’s Hottest Nightclub

Your guide to the Liv Nightclub entry fee and clubs events is right here! Liv nightclub is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Miami, Florida. Located in the heart of South Beach, Liv offers an unforgettable experience with its world-class DJs, extravagant decor, and energetic crowd. If you’re planning on heading to Liv Nightclub, it’s important to know about the club’s entry fee is as well as special event ticket prices for upcoming events. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about Liv Nightclub.

Liv Entry Fee 

Liv Nightclub’s entry fee always depends on the night and the event. The entry fee Thursday through Saturdays typically ranges from $65.00 too $100.00 but can go much higher when the club has a special event DJ or a celebrity event. On Sunday nights the entry fee averages around $100.00. If you buy online there is also a $12.00 processing fee added when you check out. The ticket line to get in is always very long and you will have to wait to get in the club even with a purchased ticket.

Dress Code:

It’s important to note that Liv Nightclub has a strict dress code, so make sure to dress to impress. Men should wear trendy shirts, pants and nice shoes. Jeans are fine but no athletic wear. Ladies are encouraged to wear sexy, chic South Beach attire and heels.

Getting Into Liv:

The best way to avoid the long lines at the door is to reserve a Liv Nightclub Party Package. The Liv party package gives you express entry with no wait as well as a two hour pre party with open bar at a cool South Beach lounge before you go to the club and limo or party bus transfer to the nightclub. 

You can also book a package that includes a table and bottle service. Liv bottle service reservations start at $1,500 and can go up to $10,000 or more depending on the night and the event and how many people are in your group. The VIP packages come with their own set of perks, including express entry.

Or you can buy general admission tickets and wait in very long lines at the door.

To reserve a Liv Nightclub Party Package or Bottle Service contact us today Call/Text: 305 804 5071 or  Email: [email protected]


Liv Nightclub hosts a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from themed parties to celebrity DJ performances. The club attracts some of the biggest names in the music industry, including DJ Khaled, Tiësto, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta, Rick Ross Steve Aoki and many more. These events always  draw very large crowds, In addition to the big events,

Weekly Parties:

Liv Nightclub also hosts regular weekly parties. The club is open from Thursday to Sunday, with each night featuring a different theme. Thursdays they play a mix of Latin music. Fridays and Saturdays are when the club really comes alive, with world-renowned DJs spinning the latest hits and Sundays are Hip Hop nightclubs.


Liv Nightclub is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience Miami’s vibrant party scene. With its impressive lineup of DJs and luxurious decor, Liv offers an unforgettable experience for party-goers. Just remember to dress to impress and be prepared for a amazing time.

Liv Party Packages & Bottle Service

If you want to skip the lines and enjoy the VIP treatment, consider reserving a Nightclub Party Package or booking a table and bottle service. With this guide, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor at Liv Nightclub and dance the night away!


If you’d like reservations for our Liv Nightclub Party Package Contact Us Today! Call/Text: 305 804 5071 /  Email: [email protected] or Fill Out Our Contact Form Below.


Contact US To Get Your VIP Service Reservation
  • Please let us know the occasion and any preferences or questions you may have

Liv Nightclub Dress Code

south beach dress code night clubs

Liv Nightclub Dress Code

The Liv nightclub dress code is enforced the club takes the dress code very seriously so if you are coming to town to party like there is no tomorrow don’t forget in South Beach its best to dress to impress. The Miami nightlife has mega dance clubs and the best nightclub is Liv Nightclub in Miami Beach. We offer the best Liv nightclub party package with no waiting at the door.  These nightclubs are very hard to get into and following the dress code is one of the major keys to walking through the red velvet ropes with no hassles. If you want to have an amazing time and not wait in long lines check out the very popular Miami nightclub party packages.

What To Wear

The keywords to remember for what to wear in the sizzling South Beach nightlife are for the girls super hot and sexy and for the guy’s trendy, upscale, chic especially for groups of guys. If a South Beach doormen is looking for an excuse to not let you into the club and he sees you wearing your threads from your high school reunion you will be standing in front of that red velvet rope all night long.

Chic Stores To Dress To Impress

The great thing about South Beach is if are not sure what to wear there are plenty of chic stores on Ocean Drive , Lincoln Rd and Washington Ave to buy the right trendy outfit for your hot night out in the South Beach nightlife.

Official Liv Nightclub Dress Code

NO-Flats-ladies (ladies please wear heels)
NO-Tank Tops, Sleeveless T-Shirts, Shorts, Excessive Baggy Clothing, Sandels, Flip Flops, Athletic Sneakers, Beach Attire, Extra Baggy Tees, Jersey/Athletic Wear.

Dress To Impress, Casual Upscale – South Beach Trendy!



 Contact PH: 305 804 5071 or Email [email protected] for dress code questions and more information.

Liv Nightclub Party Package

Check out our amazing LIV Nightclub Party Package which includes a two hour unlimited open bar at a cool lounge in South Beach, limo transfer to the nightclub and hosted no wait nightclub entry, club admission is included on the party package price. 
Liv nightclub party package

Premier Nightclub

Liv Nightclub is one of Miami Beach’s premier nightlife destinations, known for its upscale atmosphere and celebrity sightings. If you’re planning a night out at Liv, it’s important to know the dress code to avoid any disappointment at the door. Here’s a guide on what to wear and what to avoid when visiting Liv Nightclub.

Strict Dress Code

Liv Nightclub has a strict dress code, and the club reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who doesn’t meet their standards. As a general rule, South Beach chic and trendy is the way to go. Here’s what you should consider wearing when visiting Liv Nightclub:

– Dress to impress: Liv Nightclub is a high-end venue, so dress like you belong there. Ladies, sexy and chic with high heels. Gentlemen, a button-down or trendy shirt with nice slacks or jeans with cool shoes are perfect.

 What To Avoid

Liv Nightclub has a reputation for being one of the most exclusive venues in Miami Beach. To avoid being turned away at the door, here’s what you should avoid wearing:

– Athletic wear: This includes sneakers, gym shorts, and sports jerseys. While these items may be comfortable, they’re not suitable for a high-end nightclub like Liv.

– Beachwear: Liv Nightclub is not a beach bar, so avoid wearing anything you’d wear to the beach. This includes swimsuits, flip flops, and casual shorts.

– Ripped or stained clothing: Liv Nightclub is all about looking your best, so avoid wearing anything that looks old, worn out, or stained.

Final Thoughts

Liv Nightclub is a world-class venue that attracts locals and tourists alike. To ensure a memorable experience, it’s important to dress appropriately. While Liv Nightclub’s dress code may seem strict, it’s in place to maintain the venue’s high standards. By following these guidelines, you’ll be sure to impress at Liv Nightclub and enjoy a night you won’t forget.


How Much Is A Table At Liv Nightclub 2023

south-beach-clubsHow Much Is A Table At Liv Nightclub 2023

How much is a table at Liv nightclub 2023? If you have 3 girls and 3 guys the bottle minimum spend normally starts at $1500.00 plus tax and tip depending on the table view of the stage and the nightclub event.

At Liv nightclub you have to spend a certain amount on bottles which is called the bottle minimum spend. Below is a general guideline of the bottle minimum spend prices to give you a good idea of the cost.

The bottle minimum spend depends on the guy/ girl ratio of your group as well as the headline DJ event for that night. When you reserve Liv bottle service you get your own special, reserved  VIP table/section inside – along with an incredible South Beach nightclub experience that comes with it.

The Night of Your Life Begins Now

When reserving bottle service at Liv here are a few things to keep in mind.

Guidelines for VIP Table Bottle Service

If you’re interested in getting the celebrity VIP experience and enjoying a night that you’ll never forget, LIV bottle service is the way to go. When reserving bottle service at Liv here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • For the best results, tables should always be booked before you arrive. That way, you can guarantee the best location within the venue.
  • Booking bottle service also gets you guaranteed entry into the venue with out the long wait as well as complimentary club admission.
  • Let VIP South Beach reserve your VIP table so we can insure you get into the club with no issues or hassles at the door. We have been working with Liv nightclub since it opened.


Table Bottle Service Bottle Minimum Guide

Here is a bottle minimum spend general price guide, the bottle minimums can change depending on the week and the DJ event. We can get you an accurate bottle minimum quote once the DJ/Performer event has been confirmed for your date you would like your reservation.

Please note prices below are the average but could be higher or lower depending on the event.

Liv On Thursdays:
Dance floor: $2000+tax and tip)  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Balcony: $1500++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Back Stage: $2000++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Main Floor Big: $2000++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Main Floor Small: $2000++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Skyboxes Large Table: $3000++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
View Table: $2000++  4 Girls / 4 Guys
Starting Table :$1500++  3 Girls / 3 Guys

Liv Friday On Fridays: 
Dance floor: $2500+tax and tip.4 Girls / 4 Guys
Front Stage: $3000++ 6 Girls / 6 Guys
Back Stage: $2000++ 4 Girls / 4 Guys
Main Floor: $4500++ 6 Girls 6 Guys
Main Floor: $3000++ 4 Girls / 4 Guys
Skyboxes: $3000++ 6 girls/ 6 guys
View Table: $2000++ 6 girls/ 6 guys
Starting Table: $1500++ 3 Girls / 3 Guys

Liv On Saturdays:
Dance floor: $2500+tax and tip.4 Girls / 4 Guys
Front Stage: $4000++ 6 Girls / 6 Guys
Back Stage: $2500++ 4 Girls / 4 Guys
Main Floor: $4500++ 6 Girls 6 Guys
Main Floor: $3000++ 4 Girls / 4 Guys
Skyboxes: $4000++ 6 girls/ 6 guys
View Table: $2000++ 6 girls/ 6 guys
Starting Table: $1500++ 3 Girls / 3 Guys

Small Group up to 8 people – 4 males 
Big Group up to 12 people – 8 males
You can have more than the male maximum but the bottle 
minimums would be higher. Please note I can get exact quotes and reserve once they post the nightclub event for your date.

FAQs About LIV Bottle Service:

What is LIV bottle service?

LIV bottle service gets you your own special section at the venue – one where you and your guests have a chance to sit, enjoy drinks and have an excellent time away from the general population. It costs more than general admission, but most people agree that the exceptional experience that comes with it is more than worth it.

How do I go about booking LIV bottle service?

Contact VIP South Beach via email: [email protected] or phone/text 305 804 5071

How many bottles do we have to reserve to get a table?

The answer to this question will vary depending on how many girls and guys are in your group and the date you would like to attend Liv. Please check the bottle minimum price guide above and contact us.

Will I also be able to order drinks individually?

Yes you will have to fulfill the bottle minimum spend and you can always order directly from the bar throughout the night as well. They have cocktails, shots and more.

Are there any mixers available to order?

Absolutely. Your LIV bottle service includes a variety of free, standard mixers. These include things like orange juice, cranberry juice and more. Club soda and garnishes are also available. The only mixers that you’ll have to pay extra for are premium mixers, of which Red Bull and similar items would be examples.

Please contact us and we will be happy to get a complimentary Liv bottle service quote for you.

Table/ Bottle Service Reservations with VIP South Beach Include:

  • No Wait Nightclub Entry.
  • Complimentary Admission
  • Complimentary Juice Mixers. 
  • Complimentary table, bottle minimum spend is required.

Chic Crowd

Liv nightclub is South Beach Miami’s most in demand nightclub and once you step inside this magical nightclub you will understand why. The place is truly amazing and packed full every night that it is open and the party is hot! The Liv nightclub table bottle service areas are over flowing with beautiful people. The dance floor is always full of A listers and the giant speakers all throughout the nightclub have gorgeous dancers on top moving to the hottest House, Hip Hop and EDM beats!



Headline Djs

VIP table bottle service is amazing at Liv nightclub you will have you own table and waitress that will take great care of your group. Liv has headline DJs preforming everyweek including  DJ Khaled, Zedd, David Guetta, Migos, Diplo, Calvin Harris and Lil Wayne. You and your friends will always remember you big night out at Liv nightclub. Liv is open Thursdays through Sundays, Wednesday they play Hip Hop and House, Thursday Latin & Reggaeton, Friday Hip Hop & House and Saturdays House & EDM.

Liv Table Bottle Service Floor Plan

Here is the Liv nightclub bottle service floor plan all the VIP tables are in very good locations.


Liv Bottle Service Floor Plan



We also offer our very popular Liv Nightclub Premium Party Package
party package includes

  •  Two hour open bar at a trendy South Beach Lounge
  • Open Bar Includes: Unlimited Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Whiskey and Mixers
  • Stretch Hummer Limo/ Party Bus from the Open Bar Lounge to the Nightclub
  • Hosted No Wait VIP Style Nightclub Entry
  • Nightclub Admission Included in the Package
  • Girls Party Package Price starts at $95.00 per girl depending on the nightclub event.
  • Guys Party Package Price starts at $100.00 per guy depend on the nightclub event.

To reserve our VIP South Beach Premium Party Package we only require a deposit and you pay the ticket balance at the open bar lounge.

Contact Us for Complimentary Bottle Service Quotes or reserving our Nightclub Party Package. Call / Text 305 804 5071 Email [email protected] or Fill Out Our Contact Form Below.

Liv nightclub
Address: 4441 Collins Ave at the Fontainebleau Hotel

  • Please let us know the occasion and any preferences or questions you may have


Liv Nightclub South Beach

Liv Nightclub Miami Package

Liv Nightclub Miami Package

Liv nightclub Miami package, Liv nightclub is one of the hottest South Beach nightclubs to party in VIP style and lives up to it name as a super high energy nightclub that you will not forget. If you go to Liv be prepared to wait in super long lines and many don’t get in at all. Liv is one of those clubs were you either have to be a celebrity, super model or know the right person to get in quickly enter the velvet rope with no hassles. The Liv nightclub Miami package is the way to go!

Liv Package Benefits

The Liv Party Package is our best seller and after you experience it you will understand the many benefits the Liv Party Package offers! You can reserve the Liv Nightclub Party Package by filling out the contact form below and paying the ticket deposit. You pay the remaining ticket balance that night at the lounge.


Liv Nightclub Party Package Includes:

Two Hour Pre Party Open Bar at a Chic Lounge in South Beach

Unlimited Premium Vodka Bottles and Mixers

Limo/ Party Bus From The Open Bar Lounge to the Nightclub

Hosted Express No Wait Nightclub Entry Into The Club

Nightclub Cover Charge Is Included In The Party Package All- Inclusive Price.

Click here for our Client Reviews


The Liv Nightclub Party Package Prices change weekly, Girls starting at $90.00 per girl / Guys starting at $105.00 per guy. All Inclusive Party Package prices change weekly depending on the clubs event.

Check Out Our Pre Party Lounge Party!

Reserve With A Deposit

*To pay the Liv nightclub party package ticket deposit of $39.00 per person please fill out the deposit form below and enter you credit card information on the secure Pay Pal linked page once you press the Pay Now button.

*With your party package deposit the card holder acknowledges and agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of our services and our nightclub party packages.

*Please read our Terms & Conditions before reserving https://www.vipsouthbeach.com/terms-conditions/

*Nightclub party package blackout dates may apply for nightclub special events. Please let us know your second choice in case of a party package blackout. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Jeff Bowman VIP South Beach  Ph/Text 305 804 5071 or Email [email protected]


** Once you press the Pay Now button you will be taken to the secure Pay Pal link to enter your credit card information and make your deposit. **


VIP South Beach Nightclub Party Package Deposit


"*" indicates required fields

Price: $39.00
Price: $39.00
Please let us know the occasion and any preferences or questions you may have
With your nightclub party package deposit card holder has read and agrees to all VIP South Beach Inc Terms and Conditions. https://www.vipsouthbeach.com/terms-conditions
Once you press the Pay Now button you will be taken to the secure Pay Pal link to enter your credit card information and pay your nightclub party package deposit.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

** Once you press the Pay Now button you will be taken to the secure Pay Pal link to enter your credit card information and make your deposit. **

With your party package deposit the card holder acknowledges and agrees to all the VIP South Beach Inc Terms and Conditions of our services and our nightclub party packages

Liv Nightclub 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach