Liv Nightclub Story Nightclub South Beach Nightclub Dress Code

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Liv Nightclub & Story Nightclub South Beach Nightclub Dress Code

South Beach dress codes are inforced and the nightclubs take their dress codes very seriously so if you are coming to town to party like there is no tomorrow don’t forget in South Beach its best to dress to impress. The Miami nightlife has mega dance clubs and the best nightclubs are Liv Nightclub, and Story nightclub.  These nightclubs are very hard to get into and following the dress code is one of the major keys to walking through the red velvet ropes with no hassles. If you want to have an amazing time and not wait in long lines check out the very popular Miami nightclub party packages.

The keywords to remember for what to wear in the sizzling South Beach nightlife are for the girls super hot and sexy and for the guy’s trendy, upscale, chic especially for groups of guys.

If a South Beach doormen is looking for an excuse to not let you into the club and he sees you wearing your threads from your high school reunion you will be standing in front of that red velvet rope all night long.

The great thing about South Beach is if are not sure what to wear there are plenty of chic stores on Ocean Drive , Lincoln Rd and Washington Ave to buy the right trendy outfit for your hot night out in the South Beach nightlife.

Here is the official dress codes for Liv nightclub and Story nightclubs.

Liv Nightclub & Story Nightclub – South Beach Nightclub Dress Code

NO-Flats-ladies (ladies please wear heels)
NO-Tank Tops, Sleeveless T-Shirts, Shorts, Excessive Baggy Clothing, Sandels, Flip Flops, Athletic Sneakers, Beach Attire, Extra Baggy Tees, Jersey/Athletic Wear.

Dress To Impress, Casual Upscale – South Beach Trendy!


Please Contact PH: 305 804 5071 or Email [email protected] for dress code questions and more information on our amazing nightclub party package which includes a 2 hour unlimited open bar at a cool lounge in South Beach, limo transfer to the nightclub and hosted no wait nightclub entry, club admission is included on the party package price. Ph:305 804 5071 Email: [email protected]


Liv Nightclub Miami Tickets Nightclub Packages

liv-nightclub-miami-tickets-party-packageLiv Nightclub Miami Tickets Nightclub Packages

Our Liv nightclub Miami tickets and nightclub packages are the best. We offer packages for Liv and many other top Miami Beach clubs. Getting into Liv or any of the best clubs in South Beach as I am sure you have heard is not easy. We have created the perfect Liv nightclub package to make sure you have an amazing time in the South Beach nightlife and do not stand in line or wait in the 20 deep crowds at the door all night hoping to get in. Liv nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel has recently had a 10 million dollar renovation and has a whole new look! The sound system is out of this world and club decor super South Beach trendy. Liv nightclub has just reopened and as lines around the Fontainebleau Hotel waiting to get inside the club and check out the new amazing look!


Don’t spend your South Beach nights waiting in long lines!

Our nightclub party packages include a Two Hour Open Bar Pre Party at a trendy lounge were you will have unlimited drinks including mixed drinks, cocktails, vodka, gin, rum, gin, whiskey, tequila and more. After the open bar you will have a one way VIP style luxury limo transfer to one of the following clubs of your choice including, Liv nightclub, Story nightclub, Cameo nightclub **With our nightclub packages you will have hosted not wait entry and the club admission is included in the package price.

Our host will guide you into the club like a celebrity. This package deal is available for Liv nightclub on Wednesdays, Liv and Story on Thursdays and Liv Story and Cameo nightclubs on Fridays and Saturdays Ticket prices can change depending on availability, club event and management. *Please note the Liv package is not available on Sundays.

South Beaches hottest nightclubs have huge crowds and very long lines making it a major challenge to get into the clubs. Our VIP nightclub party package will insure you have the VIP treatment and a amazing time at the best and hardest to get into South Beach clubs. There are many benefits with our South Beach Miami party packages.

Tickets for Ladies starting at $55.00 

Tickets for Gents starting at $85.00 

**Party Package Ticket Prices change weekly depending on the night of the week, nightclub and club event.** 


To reserve our nightclub party package we only require a deposit and you pay the remaining ticket balance at the open bar that night. Contact us today to reserve the party packages can sell out quick. Pricing and availability can change depending on the club and the event.

Contact Us Today: Fill out our Contact Form below or Ph: 305 804 5071/ call, text or Email: [email protected] / miami-nightclub-party-packageWhatsapp text 305 804 50

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We also offer nightclub bottle service reservations if you have the budget for it, with bottle service the nightclub requires you to order a certain number of bottles to have a VIP table. Contact VIP South Beach for more information and reservationsEmail: [email protected] Phone: 305 804 5071 Fill out our Contact Form below.

**Please note the Party Package Ticket Prices can increase if there is a special event headline DJ at the club the night you are attending.


Nightclub Party Packages are available for the following clubs and nights.

Liv nightclub address: 4441 Collins Ave  Wednesday through Saturday night
Miami Beach Fl

Story Nightclub: 134 Collins Ave.  Thursday through Saturday night
Miami Beach FL

Cameo Nightclub 1445 Washington Ave.  Friday night or Saturday night
Miami Beach FL

King Of Diamonds Nightclub 17800 Ipco Rd.  Saturday night only
Miami FL

Contact VIP South Beach for reservations, prices and information. Ph: 305 804 5071/ call, text or Email: [email protected] / Whatsapp text 305 804 5071 or Fill out the Contact Form below.

Contact US To Get Your VIP Service Reservation

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Benefits VIP South Beach Nightclub Party Package


Benefits Nightclub Party Package

Here are the benefits of the VIP South Beach Nightclub Party Package. Miami is a town known for many things, including its incredible once in a lifetime night life experiences. As I am sure you have heard Nightclubs in South Beach Miami can be very difficult to get into and who wants to take the chance of waiting for hours or not getting in at all. One of the key benefits of the VIP South Beach nightclub party package is that you are walked into the club like a VIP A Lister. With the VIP South Beach Party Package you can party at the best and hardest to get into Miami nightclubs that you have heard about without worrying about waiting behind the red rope in huge crowds for hours hoping to be picked out of the crowd by the doorman.


Amazing Miami Nightclub Party Package

For (one all inclusive price) you get all following with our Miami party package:

  • We offer 3 open bar lounges to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.
  • Full 2 hours of an open bar at a South Beach lounge.
  • One-way limousine tranfer VIP Style from the open bar lounge to the nightclub.
  • Hosted “No Wait” club entry, you will be walked right through the door by our host.
  • Cover charge for your nightclub of choice is INCLUDED in the package price!

VIP South Beach nightclub party package is great for singles, groups, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and many other types of special events!

Tickets for ladies: $55.00 

Tickets for gents: $85.00

Please note: Ticket prices can change depending on the night of the week, club and nightclub event. *Nightclub party package blackout dates may apply depending on the nightclub event.

If you want to really blow it out and celebrate at Miami’s top nightclubs in the most exciting and fun way with no hassles at the door, the VIP South Beach Miami nightclub party package is the way to party in the Miami nightlife!



Party In Miami In Style

Anyone who has ever spent an evening in Miami can tell you that it’s expensive – particularly as far as drinks are concerned. Paying $18.00 to $20.00 for each drink is the norm in South Beach. However, with the VIP South Beach party package, you get TWO HOURS of free drinks included in the package! Pull up in a limousine like you own the place with your one-way transfer to the nightclub. Arrive like a super star and get walked into the nightclub like the true VIP celebrity that you are! If you want to party VIP style and want to get into Miami’s best hardest to get into nightclub the VIP South Beach Miami Party Package is the way to go!

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Nightclub Party Package Luxury Stretch Limo


  • Please let us know the occasion and any preferences or questions you may have




Ocean Drive Miami Beach

Ocean Drive Miami Beach

Ocean Drive Miami Beach

Ocean Drive Miami Beach is one of the most famous boulevards in the USA and is located in the heart of the Art Deco District of Miami Beach. Ocean Drive is always filled with people from all over the world enjoying the trendy hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes in the Miami nightlife. If you want to be where the action is Ocean Drive will not disappoint the strip is 14 blocks long with trendy spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner or if you just want to sit and people watch and have a few drinks or a cup of coffee Ocean Drive is the perfect place to take in the sights.

Some of the popular bars on the Ocean Drive are the Clevelander Bar which has just had a multi million dollar renovation and has a very happening bar area with DJs and live bands jamming all day and night. Mangos tropical Cafe is also a thriving spot to have lunch or dinner and is known for there amazing dancers. Mangos has many shows day and night that always draw a crowd and is a must see. Ocean Drive has many other well known bars including Wet Willies and Fat Tuesdays. Day and night Ocean Drive is filled with people checking out the sights and enjoying the bars, cafes and restaurants and if you like to shop there many trendy designer shops filled with the latest styles.

South Beach has 3 main streets were all the happening are Ocean Drive, Collins Ave and Washington Ave. If you are looking for the big nightclubs and trendy lounges the are located on Collins Ave and Washington Ave. Some of the most popular clubs in South Beach are Liv nightclub located at the Fontainbleau Hotel, Story nightclub on Collins Ave and Nightclub with bottle service on Washington Ave. The popular lounges are club Rockwell, Hyde and Mynt lounge they are also located on Collins Ave. 

We offer the best South Beach Nightclub Party Packages in Miami. Includes 2 hour open bar at a South Beach Lounge, Limo transport form the open bar to the club and No Wait Club Entry. Tickets are $50 for girls and $80 for guys.

If you are going to the nightclubs and need tickets to our Party Packages or nightclub bottle service reservations and pricing call VIP South Beach 305 804 5071 or Email [email protected]