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VIP South Beach For Your Ultimate South Beach Experience!

VIP South Beach For Your Ultimate South Beach Experience! 

Miami Nightlife VIP Services Your Nightlife Itinerary will include all the following VIP Services:

• A personalized night by night VIP South Beach Itinerary completely suited to your tastes and needs with 4 hot spots each night. We work with all South Beach Miami night clubs including Liv nightclub, Mynt Lounge, Club Story Miami, Icon nightclub, Hyde Lounge, Rockwell Nightclub and many more.

• We will create your nightlife itinerary with South Beaches hottest trendy bars, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs suited to your tastes and needs.

• Restaurant insider’s guidance & reservations.

Miami nightclub bottle service to all South Beach clubs with hosted nightclub VIP entry and no waiting. We include complimentary admission and complimentary juice mixers. Bottles start at $375 at most clubs. We work with all South Beach clubs weekly which enables us to get you the best pricing possible on bottle minimums.

• Nightclub, lounge, bar insider’s guidance & reservations.

• The Pre Party Hosted Entry Package to Liv, Icon and Story nightclubs includes a 1 hour and a half open bar followed by limo transfer to Liv or Story nightclubs were you will have hosted no wait entry.

• Pool Party guidance & reservations.

• Limo reservations.

• The right places on the hottest nights for your ultimate South Beach experience!

• We at VIP South Beach know when its hot were it’s the hottest and how to get in!

• All nightlife itineraries are totally suited to your taste and we can always make any changes to your nightlife itinerary that you would like. has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, The Travel Channel. Florida Travel Magazine, South West Airlines Spirit Magazine and consulted by MTV Music Television.

**We work with all the best South Beach bars, nightclubs, restaurants and lounges, if there are certain nightclubs you would like to attend just let us know and we will set it up for you or let us be your guide in creating your ultimate South Beach nightlife itinerary!

VIP South Beach will also assist you in setting up all your day time activities and transportation needs.

We will formulate your itinerary suited to your tastes and we are always available to answer any questions you may have while you are here.

Call or email us today! 305-804-5071 and let VIP South Beach create your Ultimate South Beach Experience!
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South Beach Miami Nightlife VIP Services

Our South Beach Miami nightlife VIP services is the best way to make sure you are at the right bars, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs on the best nights in the Miami Beach nightlife scene.

Spending you hard earned money and flying to South Beach for a few nights can add up in expense. So why would you not want to make sure you were at the the best hotspots for each night?

We will  give you our insiders guidance and make all your restaurant reservations before you arrive to ensure you eat dinner at the trendiest restaurants at the prime hour to dine.

Give you great insiders tips on the new hip spot to go for that perfect Martini before and after dinner.

The nightclub choice is key depending on the night. Nightclubs are best on certain nights depending on the event and the promoter. We will take all the guess work out and reserve your VIP table with bottle service at the hottest insiders party of the night. You and your party will walk in like celebrities with no waiting and complimentary admission.

We also offer the best South Beach nightclub packages in Miami that include open bar, limo transfer and hosted no wait club entry.

So what are you waiting for send us an email or give us a call today 305 804 5071 or [email protected]



South Beach Nightclub Packages


South Beach nightclub packages are the best deal in Miami. Our nightclub party packages are created to ensure you have the best South Beach experience and do not wait in lines can crowds at the  nightclub red rope all night hoping they doorman will let you in.

The South Beach nightclub party package includes a 2 hour open bar (free drinks) at a trendy lounge and after a one way limo or party bus transfer to the nightclub were you will have no wait hosted no wait entry into the hottest nightclub on the right nights to be there. We offer nightclub party packages to Liv, Story, Dream on Fridays, Cameo on Saturdays, King Of Diamonds and many more. Prices change weekly so please call us for more information on our party packages.

Nightclub Party Package Deposit Link.

Deposit is $20.00 per person and you pay the remaining ticket balance at the open bar lounge.

With your party package ticket deposit card holder acknowledges and agrees to the Terms and Conditions of our services and the nightclub party package.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Jeff Bowman VIP South Beach Inc 305 804 5071

Contact us today at 305 804 5071 or email [email protected]  

South Beach Club Bottle Service

vip pic South Beach club bottle service is the true nightclub VIP experience if you want to go all out you will definitely want to get our VIP table bottle service package. Our VIP host will walk you and your entourage into South Beaches hottest club VIP style with no waiting. Your group will have your own VIP table and get the full VIP treatment. Your waitress will provide you with a  bottle menu which has all the different types of alcohol listed.  Bottle prices at most clubs start around $350.00 and go up from there depending on what you order. South Beach clubs have bottle minimum spends which depend on the club policy and the nightclub event. The bottle minumum spend is the amount you must spend on bottles to get a table at the club.

When you reserve bottle service through VIP South Beach you will have guaranteed nightclub entry with no waiting complimentary admission and complimentary OJ/cranberry juice mixers.

We will also ensure you are at the best A list celebrity filled nightclub VIP party for your night out in the chic South Beach scene.  We will get the best deal possible on the nightclubs bottle minumum spend and we will alway work within you specific budget.

It’s a great way to go for groups, Bachelor parties, Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties and couples that what the premier South Beach VIP experience.

We work with all Miami night clubs including Liv nightclub, Story, Hyde Lounge, Mynt, Mansion, FDR, Wall and many more.

So what are you waiting for contact VIP South Beach today and let us start planning your A list nightlife itinerary that you will not forget.

Call 305 804 5071 or email [email protected] for your complimentary VIP table bottle service quote. We work with all South Beach nightclubs and we will find the best South Beach clubs suited to your tastes and within your bottle service budget.