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When you contact VIP South Beach Inc. we will explain all the different nightclub options we offer including our premium nightclub packages the nightclub bottle service option and the boat party package.

The nightclubs normally let us know exact nightclub party package ticket prices on the Wednesday before the weekend of your party package date.

The nightclub party package ticket prices change weekly for Liv and Story nightclubs due to they have special events weekly.

Nightclub management can blackout the party package at anytime due to a special event or if they choose to do so, the nightclub or boat management reserves all rights. Please choose a second nightclub option on your deposit form in case of a nightclub blackout.

***Once you have booked with our VIP Services all sales are final. This includes nightclub party package deposits and boat party package deposits, we use your deposits to reserve your spots on the boat and in the limo all party package deposits are non refundable.***

However if the nightclub you reserved for is blacked out by the club or boat management due a special event we will refund your ticket deposit.

If you have to cancel your trip to South Beach due to a unforeseen event we can give you a deposit credit for a future party package when you come back to South Beach. This credit is good for up to a year from the date you had to cancel. We at VIP South Beach Inc. reserve the right to make that decision on a case by case basis.

Please make sure once you pay your deposit to follow up with us in a timely manner if you do not receive your nightclub or boat party package details via email or text.

  • You must arrive on time for all packages so you don’t miss the limo or boat.
  • For the nightclub party package you must arrive at the pre party lounge at the hours specified for the open bar.
  • Please make sure you find your assigned promoter at the lounge and pay him the ticket balance he will wristband you and you will have the open bar.
  • At the open bar end time the shared 22 passenger party bus or limo will take you to the nightclub. Please make sure you do not miss the party bus or limo we are required to get you to the nightclub by a certain time so we cannot come back and get you.
  • Please do not leave your personal belonging unattended. VIP South Beach Inc does not accept any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage due to any of your personal belongings being left unattended in the shared party bus limo or on the yacht for the boat party.
  • You pay the remaining ticket balance at the boat check in that night once you check in and receive a wrist band the boat companies policy is no refunds on the remaining ticket balance.**
  • Please do not get too intoxicated at the open bar due to the Nightclub Security or Nightclub Management may not let you into the nightclub if are or look to intoxicated. The same rules apply for the Boat Party Package. VIP South Beach Inc is not responsible for denial of entry if you are too intoxicated. Nightclub Security and Nightclub Management at individual nightclubs or the boat reserve all rights. Please use your discretion at the open bar lounge and do not get too intoxicated to avoid being denied nightclub entry or boat party entry.
  • The party bus or limos are shared one way transfers from the open bar lounge to the nightclub and all the limos are shared transfers to the nightclub.
  • Once at the nightclub please follow your promoter into the nightclub you cannot get into the nightclub without your promoter being with you. Please make sure you follow the nightclub dress codes listed below and have valid IDs, all nightclubs are 21 and up only.

Nightclub management at individual nightclubs reserve all rights. Please make sure you follow the nightclub dress codes and have valid IDs.

  • Nightclub dress codes for girls hot, trendy and most all clubs require heels. Guys no shorts sneakers or sandals, Nice jeans are fine trendy shirt and nice shoes. You must be 21 years of age or older to be allowed entry to all South Beach night clubs and may be expected to show valid photo ID at all of the night clubs.
  • We will not offer refunds for denial of entry because you are under age or do not have the proper ID. All South Beach nightclubs require trendy upscale attire. VIP South Beach Inc is not responsible for denial of entry due to dress code violations. A strict dress code is enforced and proper evening attire is required. Please do not arrive to the nightclub or boat party intoxicated the doorman/manager may not let you in if you are to0 intoxicated.
  • VIP South Beach Inc is not responsible for denial of entry if you are too intoxicated when you arrive at the nightclub or boat party. Nightclub or Boat Security and Nightclub Management at individual nightclubs reserve all rights. Please use your discretion at the open bar lounge and do not get too intoxicated.
  • Failure to arrive at your chosen nightclub or boat party by the designated time may result in a wait or denial of entry. Night Clubs will not violate fire codes to accommodate you. Special events and holidays are usually more crowded than normal. Please be aware and arrive at the designated time.

Nightclub bottle service reservations, Nightclub Party Package or Boat Party venues access terms and conditions vary on a venue by venue basis. Each venue has the right to modify all policies and procedures including changes due to special events or holidays. Management at individual venues including bars, lounges, and nightclubs reserve all rights.

VIP South Beach is acting as an independent intermediary for suppliers of goods and services, which are not directly supplied by this company; such as all nightlife venues, motor coach/shuttle/limo transportation, boats, yachts, rental cars, hotel accommodations, tours and event tickets. VIP South Beach Inc shall not be responsible for actions, errors, omissions or negligence on the part of such suppliers and vendors which result in any loss, damage, theft, delay, injury or death to you, your travel companions or group members. We shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay, injury or death to any traveler in connection. VIP South Beach Inc. shall not be liable for injury, theft, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or expense to person or property due to act of default by any carrier or other company or person providing services. VIP South Beach Inc. and its agents and suppliers accept no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrains, acts of war and terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle or boat of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control.

**It is agreed between VIP South Beach Inc. and you the customer that no disputes can exceed the amount originally paid to VIP South Beach Inc.**

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at VIP South Beach Inc’s discretion.

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