Matheson Hammock Park Miami


Matheson Hammock Park Miami opened in 1930 as the first county park in Dade Country a gift of 80 acres to the county from William Matheson. Matheson wanted the land to be used as a park “to preserve the wild and natural beauty.” It grew with further donations by the Matheson heirs, purchases by county commissioner.

Without the use of the inexpensive and skilled labor force under the state and federal assistance programs, it would have been impossible to build the miles of carefully-hewn coral stone walls and native stone buildings. The quality of the CCC’s work was verified in 1945 when a hurricane resulted in 12 foot waves rolling over Matheson Hammock causing immense damage to equipment and furnishings.

Matheson Hammock is a beautiful park with a enclosed kids beach which makes it a great place for the whole family.