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South Beach Nightclubs
& Nightlife

VIP South Beach your
Ultimate Insider’s Guide To
VIP South Beach Nightlife Service

Knowing where to dance & dine and getting through the nightclubs velvet ropes is no easy task. We know when it’s hot where it’s hottest and how to get in!

VIP South Beach Specializes In:

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                              <font color= Personalized Nightlife Itinerary
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                              <font color= Immediate Nightclub Entry

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                              <font color= Nightclub Line Passes & VIP Guest Lists
    south beach clubs></font>
                              <font color= VIP VIP Table/Bottle Service
(Bottles start at $350.00)

We work with all the hottest South Beach Miami nightclubs:

Liv - bottle service reservations
Story - bottle service reservations
Mansion - bottle service reservations
Mynt - bottle service reservations
Wall - bottle service reservations
Adore - bottle service reservations

We will get you in to the club VIP style with no waiting with complimentary admission and complimentary juice mixers.

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                              <font color= Reservations at South Beach Restaurants
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                              <font color= Special Event Parties
      south beach clubs></font>
                              <font color= Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
      south beach clubs></font>
                              <font color= Anniversary weekends
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                              <font color= Private Adults Only Parties
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                              <font color= Limo and sports car reservations

VIP South Beach designs your exclusive Nightlife Itinerary from your individual tastes then sends it to you via email before you get here. We will help set up every night of your stay, from restaurant and club reservations, table and bottle service, right down to your transportation, we take care of every detail, answer your questions, and of course make any changes you wish. VIP South Beach provides you with the best in VIP Personal Reservation Service for the Ultimate South Beach Experience

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South Beach Clubs

South Beach Clubs and South Beach Nightlife on Ocean Drive

VIP South Beach Press:

Florida Travel Magazine: Club Hopping along the American Riviera "Club Goers seeking an instant good time may find it worthwhile to Invest in a South Beach insider. VIP South Beach will whip up a perfect Nightlife Itinerary for you, and get your name onto South Beach's hippest VIP lists…" more...

Ocean Drive Magazine Ticket Master of Nocturnal Bliss
"The founder of VIP South Beach transforms tourist clients into instant 'insiders…”. "We are not living in the typical city" Explains Jeff of VIP South Beach. The scene is always changing, and it's hard to stay up-to-date. You need to know where to stay, where to eat and where to party on which days of the week." more...

Read more about VIP South Beach from Ocean Drive Magazine, MTV Music Television, South West Airlines, Spirit Magazine and Florida Travel Magazine in our Press Release section.

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