south beach dress code night clubs South Beach dress codes are inforced and the nightclubs take their dress codes very seriously so if you are coming to town to party like there is no tomorrow don’t forget in South Beach its best to dress to impress. The Miami nightlife is has mega dance clubs like Liv Nightclub, Icon Nightclub and Story nightclub that are very hard to get in and following the dress code is one of the keys.

The keywords to remember for what to wear in the sizzling South Beach nightlife are for the girls super hot and sexy for the guy’s trendy, upscale, chic especially for groups of guys.

If a South Beach doormen is looking for an excuse to not let you into the club and he sees you wearing your threads from your high school reunion you will be standing in front of that red velvet rope all night long.

The great thing about South Beach is if are not sure what to wear there are plenty of chic stores on Ocean Drive , Lincoln Rd and Washington Ave to buy the right trendy outfit for your hot night out in the South Beach nightlife.

The main things not to wear are sandals, shorts, tennis shoes, tee shirts, old beat up jeans, docker pants and Hawaiian type shirts. We always say when in doubt wear black. Black has always been a trendy color no matter where you are.

So I hope this helps you walk right down the nightlife catwalk through the toughest South Beach night club doors.