South Beach nightlife

Lets meet South Beach Miami nightlife insider the owner and founder of VIP South Beach Inc Jeff Bowman. With the internet age, technology and smart phones you can set up your office anywhere you need it to be for the day. So if you are working in beautiful South Beach Miami Florida that perfect office location may be a super trendy pool at one of South Beaches hippest hotels. That is just were we are today hanging out with Jeff for a VIP South Beach Magazine photo shoot and interview at the beautiful National Hotel. Jeff’s company VIP South Beach is South Beach Miami’s premier insiders guide and concierge service. If you have ever been to South Beach you know its one place were the nightlife never stays the same and keeping up with what’s hot is a full time job. So lets get started and ask Jeff some questions.

Q: How many venues do you reserve for your clients when you create their nightlife itinerary?

A: All our itinerary’s are customized to our clients tastes and needs many clients want the full nightlife itinerary which includes bar, restaurant guidance and reservations, limo reservations, pool party reservations and nightclub VIP table bottle service reservations. Others may only want the nightclub bottle service reservations. So its all up to the client and what VIP services they prefer. Our nightlife itinerary’s are totally customized to the clients needs.  Our most popular is our premier South Beach nightclub party packages which include a 2 hour open bar at a lounge in South Beach, one way limo transfer from the lounge to the nightclub and hosted no wait club entry with the cover charge included in the package price. We have all the best nightclubs including Liv, Story, Dream on Fridays Cameo on Saturdays, Mynt Lounge, King Of Diamonds and Nikki Beach club on Sundays. 

Q: Why is it better to reserve nightclub VIP table/bottle service through your company?

A: We work with all the best South Beach clubs on a weekly basis and have a personal relationship with all of them. I guarantee the best pricing on the nightclub bottle service minimum spends and I will make sure you are in all the hottest South Beach nightclub parties. We will also always stay within the budget you have for your group.

Q: What separates your company from the all the others?

A: Well first of all we were the first VIP Services company to open in South Beach in 2000 so we have the most experience and I guarantee the best service. When we create our clients nightlife itinerary’s we make sure it is totally suited to there specific tastes. There are plenty of nightlife options and we make sure we reserve the most exclusive celebrity filled nightlife parties in South Beach.

Q: Do you ever get tired of South Beach?

A: No way! South Beach is a great place for the nightlife the weather and the people are great and so diverse from Latin America to Europe, LA, NY and Russia. There is never a dull moment in this town.

Q: What was the idea behind the VIP South Beach Model Of The Month feature in the magazine?

A: When people think of South Beach they think of nightlife and beautiful models after all the fashion industry along with Miami Vice started the whole South Beach renaissance in the late 80s. So as a way of paying tribute to the spark that ignited this amazing destination into one of the nightlife capitals of the world I started the VIP South Beach Magazine Model Of The Month feature. Its been a very popular feature in our magazine and we are always looking for new models to feature. 

Q: Who is the lucky photographer that you hired to do all the photo shoots of the VIP South Beach Model Of The Month winners.

A: Well we wanted to find the best photographer in Miami Beach and got really lucky and found JBow Photography. He does a great job and shoots amazing pictures of all our Model Of The Month winners.

Q: When are you planning to release the print edition of VIP South Beach Magazine.

A: We are scheduled to release the print edition of VIP South Beach Magazine very soon. I am very happy to say we have had a huge demand from advertisers and we are really excited for the release of the magazine.