We will give you our insiders nightlife guidance our  VIP South Beach staff know were the best Miami nightclubs are and which nights are the best to be there. All our VIP Services are completely suited to your tastes and needs and include:

  • Nightclub/Restaurant Insiders Guidance
  • Dinner/Nightclub Reservations
  • Pre Party Packages with a 2 Hour Open Bar, Limo Transfer and Hosted No Wait Nightclub Entry To Top South Beaches Top Nightclubs. Tickets $80 for guys and $50 for girls and includes the club admission. Ticket pricing can vary depending on nightclub on special events.
  • Complimentary Nightclub Admissions With Bottle Service.
  • Immediate Nightclub Entry
  • VIP Bottle Service
  • VIP Guest Listed

We have all types of Nightlife Itinerary Packages for couples and groups of all sizes. When you contact us we can go over them with you and find the right one for you.

We will email your VIP South Beach Personalized Itinerary to you before you arrive. We can then go over it with you and make sure your itinerary is perfect for you answering any questions you may have and making any changes you would like. All Nightlife Itinerary’s are completely suited to your tastes for your Ultimate South Beach experience!

Do we have to book our hotel through you?

No, it is not necessary to book your hotel through us. This is one of the services we offer. Many of our clients have already booked there hotel accommodations before they have found our services. If you have not decided on your hotel we can help you make the right decision. We have been inside all of the South Beach hotels and we will give you the insiders word on which hotel best suits your taste and needs.

Do you work with all the bars, lounges, nightclubs and restaurants in South Beach?

Yes, we specialize in knowing when and where the best insider nightclub parties are during the week. South Beaches best promoters are at certain nightclubs on different nights of the week and we make sure you get into the right place on the right night.

Why are all the South Beach bars, restaurants clubs and lounges not listed on your web site?

We do not list all the South Beach venues on our web site because the South Beach scene is always changing. New clubs open and old ones close all the time, the hot promoters change to different clubs on different nights. We are always up to date and the only true insiders guide.

Can we pick the clubs and restaurants we would like to go to?

Yes, all our Miami nightclub packages are totally suited to your tastes and we will set you up with any nightclub or restaurant you would like to go.

Do we need a host from your company walk us into the club?

No, our nightclub connections are so good you do not need to have a host meeting you at your hotel. However if you would rather have a host we will be happy to set one up for you.

Can we call you after office hours with questions?

Yes, we give all of our clients our cell phone number to answer any questions you may have while you are here and make sure everything goes smoothly for your stay.

How long as VIP South Beach Inc. been around?

VIP South Beach Inc. was started in 1999 we have many years of experience in creating Nightlife Itinerary’s for our clients. We were the first Internet VIP Services company in South Beach, many others have come and gone. We have lasted the longest because we give the best personalized service and ensure your Ultimate South Beach Experience! Our VIP South Beach Reviews and Testimonials speak for themselves, VIP South Beach has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine, Florida Travel Magazine and have been consulted by MTV Music Television. Check out our VIP South Beach Press

How much do you charge for your services?

If you only want nightclub bottle service reservations we do not charge a service fee. If you want our full nightlife itinerary our service rates are based on the number of people in your party and the amount of nights you would like our services for. Discounted service rates are available for larger groups and longer stays.

We have all types of Nightlife Itinerary Packages for couples and groups of all sizes. When you contact us we can go over them with you and find the right one for you.


How do we pay for your services?

We take credit cards Master card, Visa and Discover by phone 305 804 5071. Once we receive your booking information we will email your VIP South Beach Inc. Confirmation Receipt to you and start working on your VIP South Beach Nightlife Itinerary right away

Call us today 305 804 5071 for your Ultimate South Beach Experience!

For Reservations and Information Call: 305 804 5071
or e-mail: info@vipsouthbeach.com